We take pride in the work we do and love to show off when we've done a good job. Here's what a few people have said about us.

"Vic was very nice to work with. He called us back within a couple hours of our call and he fixed the problem we had almost immediately. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing computer help." – Dari L.

"What was great about calling Vic was he wasn’t overly technical like some of the guys we have called in the past. He was very patient and clearly explained what he was doing so we could understand exactly what our problem was. Thanks Vic!" – Carry C.

"I would definitely use Vic again for any computer problems." – Lien W.

"It’s wonderful to call someone for help and actually have them call you back in the same hour! Vic has been a real help to our practice for over a decade, and we will certainly be using him in the future for all our computer help." – Dr. Mc.

"Vic makes a pretty good Bacardi & Coke and hands out software CD's like candy. We have been huge fans over a dozen years. Vic is the 'go-to' guy for our three offices and is the first call we make for home systems as well." – Pengy

"Aye Matey! Tis a fine bit o' work that Vic duz for ye.   Just don't let him anywhere near the water or he'll be dunkin' his head fer sure!   Soggy or nay, me thinks Vic is a treasure fer all independent pirates likes 'o meself.   If'in ye don likes it, shoot him and commandeer da booty!" – Capt'n Bruce, CPA

"Vic designed, built and installed our custom wireless office network of 12 workstations and a main server. While setting up the new network, Vic migrated our entire practice patient data, scheduling, and billing center to a new software system.   This transformed us to a paperless office.   He accomplished this seamlessly in four days with no interruptions of regular office activities.   The best part . . . Vic only charged us for five computers, one Thai dinner and a couple pitchers of New York Style blended margaritas." – Dr. H
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