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With technology pushing the envelope further every day, the use of computers in business is now almost mandatory. When they're running great, the speed of business could not be faster, but when there are glitches within the system, it can lead to extreme frustration. In a perfect world, every business would have a full time IT department. However our world is far from perfect, and those full time IT guys cost a fortune.

Introducing 'Probe Computers'

We are your part-time IT gurus. You call us when there's a problem, we promptly fix it, and were gone. In addition to problem solving we also help lead people in the right direction. As your business grows, you can feel confident that we will guide you with valuable advice on growing your network.

Whether you are caught in a jam or you need some advice, give us a call.
We'll make sense out of your computers


What's Hot @ Probe? --   (Request a consultation or call us!)

  • Telecommuting / Remote Computing Solutions
    • Securely Access your office/home computers anytime, anywhere through any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Locked Down Security Solutions
    • Hardware Firewalls
    • Spyware & Adware Browser Hijack System Cleanup
    • Active Protection Software Tools.
    • Web access polices enforced.
  • Web Services
    • Virtual Office Suite. Online collaboration tools and information management for your organization. Share documents, files, messages, calendars, databases, project info, contacts, tasks, PDA Sync., much more!
    • Website Development - [Corporate Publishing & Design]
    • Does your website work as hard as you do?  Get to your business data from any computer on the Internet.


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